What's our deal?

Spark Yoga was established in hopes to give the community a place to become more connected with themselves and explore the mind and body in a very non-judgmental and encouraging space. Our variety of classes compliment each other extraordinarily well and allow for a balanced, well-rounded physical regimen promoting a significant increase in confidence levels and overall mental cohesion. The heat factor is an added bonus as it increases blood circulation and opens up muscles safely and efficiently. Incorporating heat also adds a detoxifying agent to your physical practice (you sweat a ton!), leaving you feeling revitalized and cleansed after every session. Whether it's building strength, stretching tight muscles, or increasing endurance, Spark has what you're seeking even if you're not even sure exactly what that is just yet. We're here to support your unique journey and will encourage you to be the best version of yourself everyday.

About Steph & Nick

Growing up in Templeton, CA, Steph spent the majority of her childhood as a dancer in Paso Robles.  After graduating high school, she decided to take her passion for dance to the Disneyland Resort where she performed down Main Street portraying many characters in Parade of Dreams, A Christmas Fantasy, The Electrical Parade and the light/water show Fantasmic!  When Steph left Disney, she then began to focus her energy on teaching, and became a certified Barre Fitness instructor at Pop Physique and an SPX Pilates instructor at The Sweat House in Seal Beach, CA.  While teaching, Steph was also obtaining her prerequisites for nursing school to satisfy a want and need to learn more about the incredible human body.  Her certifications lead her to a yoga class where she fell head-over-heels in love with how it transformed her MIND, her body, and her life.  After finishing up school and getting married, Steph and Nick (her husband) decided to get out of the city and journey home to the central coast to reconnect with nature and be part of a like-minded community.  Shortly after, she received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification at Yoga Village in Arroyo Grande and has since been actively and blissfully teaching, practicing, and learning!  Steph is extremely passionate about teaching and creating a positive environment where people can learn, love, laugh, and inspire together!