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Breathwork & Shamanic Journeying Playshop

Friends and friends of friends and soon to be friends, all are welcome to this adventure of Breathwork & Shamanic Journeying. As you are invited to come and join me in this gathering of loving hearts. In where i'll be offerings of sacred healing techniques and teachings.

Where have I been:

Over the past 6 months, I’ve being traveling through India, Nepal and in Bali. In each country, I have been sharing this journey to the people and the land that i have come access. This is an offering to you in gratitude and abundance.


This Playshop is an exploration into self-discovery as we excavate our heart’s full potential. Using the alchemic tools of Shamanic Journeying and Breathwork; as they are woven in your personal journey. Revealing your golden heart, so you can experience its true power. During this adventure you will cut the ties of learned fear and limiting beliefs that anchor you in your past stories that are truly no longer serves your highest alignment. As the fear falls away what is increasingly revealed is your compassion and expectance of yourself in what is. This is were you find your true freedom. This work is great for releasing stress and anxiety, resets the nevus system and purging traumas and limitations.

What to expect:

These cutting edge tools are a culmination of over 30 years of being in the healing arts. About 8 years ago I’ve boiled down my toolkit into what I call Breathwork & Shamanic Journeying. This technique creates a space for profound transformation for your mind, body and soul. The 2 part adventure is an experiential journey into the self, experienced in a supine position. We begin by co-creating a sanctuary, a place of refuge. Breathwork harnessing the Prana (the conscious life force) in a 2 part in and a 1 part out breath meditation; that brings you into your body to feel, to feel what is. The Shamanic Journeying invokes spirit to infuse your physically, emotional and energetic bodies with divine light and love (energetic keys that unlock beliefs and barriers) through guided visualizations as we working between time and space allowing transformation to be instantaneous.

$40 for the entire experience.

*Autopay members receive 10% off.

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