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Bring Presence into the New Year - Create a New Life

All are welcome to this free event, for this is an offer of gratitude for your support and a way of saying so long for now. As I take off on a 6 month adventure to India, Nepal, Bali and Vietnam. I want to offer a little back to the great support you guys have offered me over the 13 years of offering workshop in SLO.

Being with what is in the present moment opens the door for transformation. Set your intention and let your love guide your way through this coming year.

This cutting edge techniques harness ancient wisdom in a loving modality. As it utilizes the breath and spirit in a framework of multidimensional healing energies. As we create sacred, safe and nurturing space for you to find a place of easy within yourself. This paves the way for you to access non-ordinary states of conciseness and inner-awareness for the purpose of self-exploration, emotional elimination and to regain sovereignty over your life. This process is an approach of self-discovery, self acceptance and spiritual healing. This powerful experience weaves the mind, body and emotions together allowing you to become congruent with your Self.

Breathwork harnesses the Prana (the conscious life force) with a 2 part breath meditation. Shamanic Journeying uses guided visualizations along with Krishna’s words to co-create with spirit a non liner healing portal. Working together within all timeline and dimensions, we trace, re-write and delete destructive core buy-ins or beliefs at their creation point. This technique is not for the feint of heart as it is a powerful and transformational modality. Throughout the journey, all you have to do is support yourself in a comfortable position by lying on your back, breath and be with what is going on. (Bring a yoga mat if you have one.)

This work reviles your true state of being, that exists beyond the thinker. It leaves you in a bliss filled, ecstatic state of stillness as it deepens your connection with your soul and grounds you into your body.

Breathwork & Shamanic Journeying is a culmination of Krishna’s life work. In 1991 Krishna started his professional career in the healing arts. For over 25 years he has gathered and mastered many different healing moodily. He has boiled them down into what he offers today in this beautifully powerful adventure, that is continuously evolving.

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