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Body Kindness Workshop Series

Let's face it, we tend to be our own toughest critics. Whether we're picking apart how we perform in school/work and relationships or breaking ourselves down physically and mentally, we can be pretty hard on on the person we see in the mirror. As a result we forget to practice kindness towards who we are. Join us for this four week series to learn how to create realistic and SMART goals that will help to gain and build up confidence for yourself and work towards a better relationship with your body and your mind.

Lead by local nutritionist Libby Parker & yoga instructor Robyn Gimler.

WEEK 1 | FEB 10:

Yoga & SMART Goals

In our first session, we’ll start with an hour-long yoga flow before switching gears into learning how to set goals that make sense for you. We’ll teach you how to fine-tune what it is you really are striving to achieve, show you how to work towards it and keep you accountable for the steps you take along the way.

WEEK 2 | FEB 17:

Time Management Tips & Mental Health Check-Ins

After a mellow 30 minute yoga flow, we'll dig deeper into these topics. Whether you’re a student or not, time management can always be improved. We’ll show you ways to stay on track and organized to help you achieve your goals. In this session, we will also talk about mental health and provide some ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. 


Why diets fail & what is actually healthy eating

Following Building on your goal setting from week 1, we are going to dig deeper on setting actual healthy health goals that do not deprive your body or mind. Libby will describe why diets fail, and realistically how to eat for health (spoiler: ALL FOODS FIT!). We will begin this session with a strong 30 minute flow.

WEEK 4 | MARCH 10:

Disordered eating, exercise extremes, and body kindness

When is it too far? Whether with food or exercise how do you know when you've crossed the line from "healthy" to "obsessive"/dangerous? 

In this session, we will talk about how to be kind to your body RIGHT NOW, just as you are (not when you achieve x goal). This session will start with a light hearted and fun 30 minute flow.

All sessions are Sundays 6-8pm.



Early Bird (4 session pack) - $140 ($35 per session value)

*Pricing option offered up to 24 hours before the workshop series is scheduled.

Day-of (4 session pack) - $168 ($42 per session value)

Day-of (individual sessions) - $50 each

*Autopay members would receive 10% off all pricing options.