Why are you creating membership options?

We have updated our prices to accommodate the costs our services since we initially opened our doors in 2012 as well as offer additional pricing options for our customers. It is our hope that these extended options will help to further customize your membership according to your schedule and availability.

If I have an existing membership, is my rate going to change?

Existing contracts are honored at their set rate as long as the account remains in good standing and contract is renewed prior to expiration.

I have a gift card intentionally purchased for a specific package which no longer covers the cost of the service.  Bummer!

For gift cards purchased prior to <date of pricing change>, we will honor the expected service rate of the gift card.

I am in an existing contract and wish to convert to a longer contract at a lower rate. Do I have to wait till the end of my contract to change?

Members with existing contracts can upgrade their contract to a longer duration at any time.  The new contract rate will begin at the next regular billing cycle.

I purchased a class pack and was told my classes will not expire. Is this still accurate?

If you purchased a class pack before our pricing & terms changed, we will still honor the previous terms stated when issued, therefore your classes will not expire.